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Dinkar Damle's cycling experience on Dixit diet

I started cycling from Mumbai on 18th Jan 2020 & reached Arambol, Goa on 25th Jan 2020 covering approx. 550kms with small group of cyclists ( most of them were in the age group of 20-35 yrs. I was the oldest in the group at 65 years. All together we were 10 to cycle ). On an average we had to cover 80kms every day continuously scaling steep ups & downs, it's being coastal route we followed. At times very gradual upwards going road continued for 15-22kms & very steep down ward slops with extremely bad road conditions was a real challenge to paddle in very hot sun, burning our skin.

Ofcourse we had support vehicle taking care of our luggage & water supply so that we do not get dehydrated at any point of time we peddle.We used to get on saddle only on sunrise & stopped peddling on sunset ( including breaks for breakfast & lunch on the way) every day to avoid cycling during dark. We had pre-booked, comfortable staying arrangements done for resting during nights & get ready to be on saddle next morning with full force to paddle.On the first day itself within first 40-45min my front wheel came out & I had a great fall injuring my both the knees & elbow very badly. I got my cycle repaired locally for the time being & continued my journey immediately. Completed our planned Mumbai - Goa cycling following coastal route with injured knees & elbow. Keeping in mind the lines I had read on the wall of entrance gate of Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Centre ( popularly known as MLIRC) - Belgaum- when the going gets tough the tough get goingDuring the entire tour I sticked to only 2 meals life style ( getting popular as 3D Life Style of Dr. Dixit Diet ) without any problem to scale next day of cycling.

It proves that Dr. Dixit lifestyle can be followed under the HARSHEST of conditions. It's only our DETERMINATION/WILLPOWER which helps to overcome our MENTAL BLOCK to get adjusted to 2 meals life style. By the way, other young brigade was having something or other every now and then throughout the journey and were curious to know, how I could remain energetic inspite of having just two meals a day? Some of them would adopt our plan soon!

Dinkar Damle (+91 98200 58517) is the Admin of one of Dr Dixit groups, whose short story of Diabetes Free Journey is as follows:

Started following Dr Dixit life style on 21.06.2018 when his reports were as under :HbA1C:6.9%, Fasting insulin:38.6, Weight:104kg,Waist:114cm

Now as on 27.01.2020

HbA1C:5.6%, Fasting Insulin:7.2, Weight:74kg, Waist:84cm

The Cycle Tour Mumbai - Goa was organised by Prasanna Joshi of Add-Venture India (+91 98198 28845)

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