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Adventure & Safety Support for TV / Film Production Crew

Adventure & Safety Support for TV / Film Production Crew
Adventure & Safety Support for TV / Film Production Crew

Adventure and Nature on Film

With tourism and adventure becoming more popular and accessible, the production industry has created many programs designed to showcase the great outdoors and adventures therein.


Our Expertise

With over 30 years of experience in the mountains and the wilderness, the Add-venture India team is well versed in the needs of TV / documentary / film makers and are able to provide support at a variety of levels whether it is logistics, finding the right locations, locating the right subject matter, technical aspects of the adventure and most importantly ensuring safety of the crew and equipment.


Getting the angles right

Getting the camera into the best possible position can sometimes mean abseiling off a cliff or paddling up-stream. We will help you achieve this whilst ensuring that your crew and camera are safely positioned for the shots you want, as well as providing advice, if required, about the environment and equipment.



We can provide you all technical anchoring / rigging and personal safety support for activities such as Rock climbing, rappelling, Zip Line (Flying Fox) Valley Crossing, Slack Line, Tyrolene Traverse, Cycling, Camping, Rafting, Kayaking, Trekking and Mountaineering etc. We can also assist you in Rope rigging for camera operators whilst rock climbing. If need be we can also provide you with technical Adventure experts to body double during the shoot.



All specialist equipment (UIAA certified or equivalent) needed for crew safety will be provided as part of our package, from wet suits and canoes to ropes, helmets and harnesses.



For Bookings & more info

Thank your for your enquiry, We shall get back to you shortly!

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