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NANDA DEVI EAST BASE CAMP TREK with addventureindia
NANDA DEVI EAST BASE CAMP TREK with addventureindia
NANDA DEVI EAST BASE CAMP TREK with addventureindia
NANDA DEVI EAST BASE CAMP TREK with addventureindia

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Right up in the northern most frontiers of the Kumaon Himalaya, the Johar Valley remains till today one of the less frequented but well coveted destinations for the true lovers of the Himalaya. Nanda Devi needs no introduction. Ever since the closure of the sanctuary, knowledge about this cross section of the Himalaya continues to be the preserve of books and periodicals only. But lately with relaxation of the innerline permit it has now become possible to walk upto the Nanda Devi base camp through the Johar Valley from Munsiyari.



DAY 1 : Morning arrival at Kathgodam. Proceed to Munsiyari. Drive   300 kms./ 09 hrs.

(via Almora, Seraghat, Berinag & Thal) Over night stay at Munsiyari (2290 mt).


day 2: Proceed from Munsiyari to Dhapa Drive12 kms./ 30 min.

Dhapa to Lilam (1850 mt.)  Trek 06 kms./ 02 hrs. (Down hill trek of 04 kms. up to Jimighat &

gradual trek of 02 kms. From Jimighat toLilam) Arrival at Lilam. Over night stay. 


Day 3: After break fast sta t trek from Lilam to Nain Singh Top (2475 mt.) Trek 10 kms./ 05hrs

(Up hill trek of 08 kms. & 02 kms. Gradual trek). Arrival at Nain Singh Top. Over night stay. 

Day 4 :Start from Nain Singh Top to Bugdiyar (2700 mt)  Trek      09 kms./ 04 hrs.

(Down hill trek of 02 kms. & 07 kms. Gradual trek) Arrival at Bugdiyar. Over night stay.


Day 5: Start trek from Bugdiyar to Martoli (3385 mt.)   Trek 16 kms./ 07 hrs.

 (03 kms. Up hill trek to Nahardevi, 08 kms gradual trek to Rilkot & 05 kms. Gradual up hill trek to Martoli) Arrival at Martoli.& over night stay


Day 6: Start trek from Martoli to Ganghar (3450 mt.)   Trek 12 kms./ 05 hrs.

(01 kms. Down hill & 11 kms. Gradual trek to Ganghar) Arrival at Ganghar. Over night stay

Day 7: Trek from Ganghar to Panchu Glacier (4150 mt) Nanda Devi EBC Trek 09kms./ 04 hrs. 

 (First 03 kms. Are steep up hill then 06 kms. are gradual up hill trek) Back to the Ganghar. Over night stay. 


Day 8: Trek back to Rilkot (3130 mt.) Trek15 kms. / 05 hrs.

(Gradual trek) Arrival at Rilkot.Over night stay


Day 9: Trek start from Rilkot to Bugdiyar. Trek 2 kms./ 07 hrs.

(Gradual & down hill trek) Arrival at Bugdiyar.Over night stay


Day 10: After break fast trek back from Bugdiyar to Lilam. Trek 18 kms. / 06 hrs.

(Down hill & Gradual trek) Arrival at Lilam. Over night stay.


Day 11: Trek from Lilam to Dhapa. Trek 06 kms/ 02 hrs. Dhapa to Munsiyari Drive 12kms

Over night stay at Munsiyari.


Day 12: Drive from Munsiyari to Kathgodam. Drive   300 kms./ 09 hrs.  Drop at Kathgodam.


The above trek can be tailor made and revised to suit your requirements.



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