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TOUR PART A: Mumbai to Jodhpur (1000 km, 10 Days/10 Nights) 
TOUR PART B: Jodhpur to Attari Border (800 km, 10 Days/10 Nights)
TOUR PART A+B: Mumbai to Attari Border (1800 KM, 20 Days/20 Nights)

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A one-of-a-kind cycle ride across 5 Indian States (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab)

Total Distance: 1800 kms

Route: Mumbai - vadodara - Palanpur - Jodhpur - Ratangarh - Bhatinda - Amritsar - Attari

Duration: FULL TOUR (PART A+B) 20 Nights/20 days

Guide on bicycle

Backup vehicle support

Skilled mechanic/running repairs support

Comfortable Hotel stay for all nights as per Itinerary

All meals- Unlimited Veg / Non veg food!

Mineral Water all thru the ride

Complete First Aid Support


Every now and then, new trends emerge in travel. They not only tell you what people want, but also what people are missing, in their daily lives. Some take cycling trips with friends, while others opt for organised cycling tours. So why do cycling trips have such great appeal?

We believe that the bicycling as a lifestyle choice represents a significant departure from a more established automobile centred lifestyle.

The bicycle tours are always fun filled adventure and to be exposed to culture at the same time. They are both challenging and interesting and also infuse the spirit of adventure in people.

In this cycling tour, we would start from Hotel Fountain, and would cross 5 states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab to Finally reach Attari Border. Besides seeing the real India at close quarters, we would also encounter a multitude of challenges, making this is a memorable trip for all ages.


This tour has been designed in such a way that people can choose from the 3 options depending on their available time and dates.

TOUR PART A: Mumbai to Jodhpur (1000 km, 10 Days/10 Nights) 
TOUR PART B: Jodhpur to Attari Border (800 km, 10 Days/10 Nights) 
TOUR PART A+B: Mumbai to Attari Border (1800 KM, 20 Days/20 Nights) 

MUMBAI - JODHPUR - ATTARI / WAGAH CYCLING with addventureindia

Brief Itinerary

PART A (Mumbai - Jodhpur)

Day 01:  Mumbai (Fountain Hotel) to Kasa - 80 km

Day 02: Kasa to Billimora - 109 km

Day 03: Billimora to Ankaleshwar - 116 km

Day 04: Ankaleshwar to Vadodara - 88 km

Day 05: Vadodara to Ahmedabad - 112 km

Day 06: Ahmedabad to Mehsana - 76 km

Day 07: Mehsana to Palanpur - 71 km

Day 08: Palanpur to Pindwara - 108 km

Day 09: Pindwara to Dhola Sasan - 100 km

Day 10: Dhola Sasan to Jodhpur- 105 km


PART B (Jodhpur - Attari)
Day 11: Rest day at Jodhpur - Assembly for PART B participants

Day 12: Jodhpur to Khimsar - 101 km

Day 13: Khimsar to Karnoata - 100 km

Day 14: Karnoata to Ratangarh - 98 km

Day 15: Ratangarh to Pallu - 112 km

Day 16: Pallu to Hanumangarh - 81 km

Day 17: Hanumangarh to Bhatinda - 100 km

Day 18: Bhatinda to Zira - 105 km

Day 19: Zira to Amritsar - 90 km

Day 20: Amritsar to Attari and Back - 60 km


Cost for the November 2020 ride

COST PER PERSON for Indian Nationals (Ex Fountain Hotel, NH-8)
PART A      : MUMBAI - JODHPUR : INR 34,999/- 

PART B      : JODHPUR - ATTARI : 36999/-
PART A+B : MUMBAI - ATTARI : 64999/-

For booking any of the tour please deposit  INR 10000/- per person. To pay your booking amount now Click here

COST PER PERSON for Foreign Nationals (Ex Fountain Hotel, NH-8) 

PART A      : MUMBAI - JODHPUR : USD 649/- 

PART B      : JODHPUR - ATTARI : USD 689/-

For booking any of the tour please deposit  USD 300/- per person.


  1. Accommodation: Nights in Small but neat and clean Hotels / guesthouses on multiple sharing plan. (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

    • PART A : Night stays from Day-1 to Day-10 (10 Nights)

    • PART B : Night stays from Day-11 to Day-20 (10 Nights)

    • PART A+B : Night stays from Day-1 to Day-20 (20 Nights)

  2. Food: As per itinerary. (B – Breakfast, L – Lunch, D – Dinner)

    • PART A : Breakfast on Day-1 to Dinner on Day 10

    • PART B : Dinner on Day-11 to Dinner on Day 20

    • PART A+B : Breakfast on Day-1 to Dinner on Day 20

  3. A trained guide on cycle along the route along with necessary repair kit etc.

  4. A support vehicle all along the route, which would take care of your luggage.

  5. A mechanic along with the group to take care of running repairs.

  6. Reflector vests for all cyclists

  7. Mineral water to fill your water bottles on the entire route



  1. Participants are expected to get their own cycles for the tour. However we can provide you the cycles on HIRE at Hotel Fountain, which you can use to cycle from there till Jodhpur or Attari . Once the trip is over we would arrange take the cycle back.

  2. Cost for hiring cycles would be approx INR 8000/- for 10 days & 12000/- for 20 days.
    (Hire charges for foreign nationals: USD 150 for 10 days, USD 250 for 20 days)

  3. If you want us to bring back your cycles to Mumbai it can be arranged at a cost of INR 1000/- per cycle

  4. Travel: Travelling to the Assembly points (Fountain Hotel or Jodhpur) will be on your own

  5. We may have to travel by public vehicle from Amritsar to Attari and back. This cost will be shared by the participants

  6. Cost of travelling for Sight seeing in Jodhpur and elsewhere.

  7. Entry Tickets / camera tickets etc for park / Flag Show at Attari  / Monument visits / sight seeing etc

  8. Cycle hiring charges, if one needs a cycle as in point no 2 above .

  9. Costs for the cycle to be brought back from Jodhpur / Attari.

  10. GST applicable at prevailing rates on the above costs. (At present 5%). (Applicable for indian as well as foreign nationals)

  11. Staying charges in Jodhpur / Attari beyond the itinerary.

  12. Any expenses of personal nature such as hiring charges for cycle, mineral water, soft drinks, laundry, liquor, tips to driver or any other service personnel etc.

  13. Any kind of cost needed for major repairs and spares to repair a cycle in case of break down.

  14. Any kind of insurance, such as accident, theft, medical, evacuation etc.

  15. Any additional expense caused due to any reason beyond control of ADD-VENTURE INDIA and its associates; like change in itinerary due to flight delays, road blockage, landslides, bad weather conditions, bridge breakage and any other natural calamity or incidence like strike, curfew etc. on which ADD-VENTURE INDIA and its associates do not have any control.

  16. Items not specified in the above in ‘Cost Includes’.



Your luggage would be carried in the support vehicle.

A professional cycle mechanic would be with us throughout the journey from Mumbai to Attari. If any minor repair work needs to be done (like punctured tyre etc.), we would do it free of cost; but any major repair work and/or involving spare parts, would be charged at actual.

It is mandatory for all participants to wear helmets on the ride. It is also essential that your cycles be fitted with front and rear lights

On this arduous cycle trip delays and detours would be expected on account of landslides, road blocks and weather conditions. Our effort would be to continue with the trip as per the schedule & make sure that you would be comfortable. But in such rare situations we could have to compromise on the campsite / hotels & adjust to these situations then & there. No compensation of any sort would be provided in such an event.

The itinerary described above is the planned one; but very rarely due to reasons beyond our control some spot changes would have to be done. The decision of the tour guide would be final in such a case. No compensation of any sort would be provided in such a case.

The distances mentioned in the itinerary are to the best of our knowledge & information. Some minor variations may be expected.

The above costing is for a minimum of 10 pax. The cost mentioned above is for India citizen.


All the bookings such as hotel accommodations / ground transportation are pre booked well in advance. We are liable to pay penalties to all our suppliers / vendors if these services are released after booking, within the mentioned time frame. If the passengers want to cancel the tour due to any reason, they have to make an application in writing to that effect, along with the original receipt issued by “ADD-VENTURE INDIA”. Such cancellation will attract the cancellation charges given below.

Tour Cancellation charges are applicable on Actual Full Tour Price

Before 60 days 30% of the tour cost.

Between 59 – 30 days 50% of the tour cost.

Between 29 – 15 days 60% of the tour cost.

Between 14 – 09 days 75% of the tour cost.

Between 08 – 01 days 100% - No refund.

Day of tour departure of the tour 100% - No refund.


First Installment           : 10,000/- at the time of booking

Second Installment      : 50% of the balance amount 

Third Installment         : Total balance amount Indian Rs to be paid at least 15 days before departure date



Difficulty Level of The trip: Severe

This trip involves long cycling efforts on national highways. This also would need very good endurance, mentally & physically both, from the participants. It can become very demanding and challenging at various places. This trip is good for adventurous persons who want to test their endurance limits. This is also good for enthusiasts who want to explore the un-trodden paths!



Food at all places would have a fixed buffet menu. Sometimes during the cycling tour we might have to serve either packed breakfast / lunch.



Tour Leader:

Normally ADD-VENTURE INDIA would provide a tour escort on Cycle tour from Mumbai. The tour leader who would accompany the group would have lot of experience in leading groups. He or she would mainly act as coordinator for the entire tour. He or she would work in tandem with local guides. The tour leader, though not qualified medically, would be competent to give first – aid if and when required. It would be advisable to speak to your group leader in case of health problems that you may face on the tour.


This cycle trip is on national highways, where advanced, professional medical help may not always be available. It would be participant’s responsibility to ensure that he or she is in good health, physically and mentally both. It would be advisable to speak to your physician if you are unsure of your fitness levels. In case you have an existing medical condition or disability you must inform us before booking with us. If in our opinion, this cycle trip is not suitable for your medical condition, we reserve the right to refuse booking. In case of any health problem that you might face on the trip, it would be advisable to speak to your tour leader. The tour leader would be equipped to give only first aid to participants.

Any expense incurred by us for any medical emergency / for evacuation for any reason, the expenses for the same would be borne by the concerned participant.


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