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Salher - Salota - Mulher


About the Fort:-

Salher Fort

Salher is a place located near Waghamba village in Nasik district of Maharashtra, India. According to a legend, Lord Parshuram did his Tapascharya (asceticism) at Salher Fort. Salher stands adjacent to Salota Fort in Selbari Mountain Range in Baglan region, Nasik district of Maharashtra at the height of 5141 feet above sea level. Mulher-Mora and Hargad forts stand in the Dolbar Mountain Range. Salher is the highest fort in Sahyadri Mountains (1567 Mtr.) & second highest in Maharashtra, after Kalsubai. The route to Salota is fairly tough but manageable. The route is full of scree & at some places huge boulders have blocked the entrance. Mulher & Mora are adjacent to each other.

Salota Fort 
The north - south range of the Sahyadri starts from Baalgan Baaglana in Nashik district. The range starting from north is called Selbari or Dolbari range. Mangi-Tungi Pinnacles, Nhavigad falls into the Selbari range while Salher, Mulher, Moragad, Hargad, Salota forts fall in the Dolbari range.
These forts are located on the border of dense forest of Daang region of West Gujarat and Baaglana region of Maharashtra. While ascending Salota one crosses three entrances. All these entrances are still in good condition. At the first entrance, towards right, there are two water tanks. At the last entrance, again towards right, there is one more water tank. The path from here takes us to the top of the fort through one more entrance. There are no remnants on the top of the fort. One can see a beautiful view of Salher from the top.


Mulher Fort

The village of Mulher(Mayurnagari) is located on the right (south) bank of the Mausam River, 3.5 km by road east (downstream) of the village of Vide Digar and the Haranbari Dam. It is 9 km by road west (upstream) of Taharabad. It is located on State Highway 14. Mulher Fort is located in Mulher village

Itinerary for Trek:-

Assemble at cafe Colony dadar East at 9.00pm Leave from Mumbai at 9.00 pm Transport arrangements will be decided and intimated to the members later


Reach base village of Salher Wadi and rest for some time. We are going to climb the fort from the south ridge. Start ascending towards Salher. Reach Salher Cave by evening and explore the fort. Stay in the Cave on top of Salher. Self cooking of Dinner at night


Wake up early cook breakfast. After breakfast descend Salher from the opposite side North ridge and turn south midway to get into the col between Salher and Salota. Climb Salota Have pack lunch on Salota fort and explore the fort. Descend back to the col and then onward to village Vaghambe in the North. Catch the bus to Mulher Village and stay at the Village


After Braekfast at the village head for Mulher. We reach the Ganesh Temple on Mulher Machi within 20 minutes. We come across three entrance doors, which are now in demolished state. If time permits we can also visit Moragad.

Geographically seen, Moragad is just a part of fort Mulher. It is actually the second bastion of Mulher. Descend down to Mulher Village and start our return Journey to Mumbai

Pre-hike Meeting: Wed 21 February 2018 at Café Colony, Dadar (E) at 8 pm


Things to carry:- 
• Food as decided in the prehike meeting
• Canvas shoes / Sports shoes
• Ruck sack / Shoulder bag which can hold following items
• Water Bottle (2 Litres Minimum)
• Cap
• Plate, spoon.
• Spare Cotton Track pant & T- shirts 1 no each. 
• Personal medical kit (personal medicines if any, prescribed by family Dr.)
• Lunch to be carried on your own (and for sharing with friends)

• Please do not carry gold ornaments or any other valuables.
• Please do not carry handbags or zolas for the trek.
• Avoid Chapels / Slippers for trek
• Camera, Binocular is allowed at your own risk
• for safety please follow the expert’s/ Instructors advice on trek.

> European standard Safety Equipments as required.
> Complete First Aid Kit
> Trekking leaders and Expertise from our team

For Bookings & more info

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