The Sahyadri range is the northern part of the Western Ghats, a major mountain range of India, well known for its flora, fauna and mountain tops. It runs parallel to the Arabian Sea and forms a long wall, which gathers to it monsoon clouds and has much thick forest. The northern part of this range, from the Tapi river near Surat to the Terekhol creek in Goa is called the Sahyadri. The Sahyadri range is 640 km long, north to south, and is 10 to 20 km in width on east-west axis. The height varies between 900 to 1650 m.



Trekking in the Range

Trekking in the Sahyadris has its own charms; it is endowed with numerous delightful routes, both easy and difficult, forts and pinnacles that provide countless avenues to trekkers of all levels. There is the tremendous opportunity to discover the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra, as most of the spots have both cultural and mythological background and famous tales of heroism associated with them. In a trekking outing you come closer to the Mother Nature and experience her bounty in terms of the flora and fauna first hand.


There are several other aspects of the range which you discover as you trek along. In fact the Sahyadris have made contributions to every aspect of human life, particularly in Maharashtra; art, history, literature and music. It almost seems like a dream that such a great range exists right near to Mumbai. But the dream of this range is real and many city dwellers have learnt from the Sahyadris that there is a more to life than what seems real.



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