History of Forts

There are over 300 forts spread all over the northern Sahyadris from Salher in the north to the fort of Terekhol on the border of Goa. The forts and pinnacles of the northern Sahyadris are the sentinels that have witnessed a turbulent past and present us with a rich, romantic diversity of site, function, history, architectural style and cultural heritage. Here every peak seems to possess a fort and reverberate with its past of valour, daring, treachery and fluctuating fortunes.


Mystery of Caves

Among the various characteristics of Maharashtra, forts and caves are the important features, and maximum number of forts and caves exist in Maharashtra alone. Many researchers, tourists and enthusiasts have been attracted towards forts, but still the caves are not frequently visited by all.

Among the caves, Ajantha, Ellora, Karla, Bhaji, Gharapuri, Bedse, Kanheri, Panhalekaji caves are famous ones. There are still more than a hundred caves in Maharashtra which are lesser known or with a totally unknown status. The Caves are the most enriching in cultural heritage, having history of more than 200 years. There are also immense interesting facts about these beautiful caves carved in the mountains and are of various types such as  Buddhist, Jain etc.


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