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Forest Farm Camping

About the Campsite

When was the last time you walked barefoot on the earth? Or feasted on a freshly plucked fruit? Or looked up at the open blue sky?
These were experiences that we enjoyed as children. Typically at our native homes. Today our children ‘know’ that the best organic food is ‘grown’ 24x7 at the local super market. But how does it get there? They love mangoes…but have they seen these grow on trees?  Even we know less about the farmer who actually brings the food on our plates.  
Join us at the The Forest Farm for the answers to these questions. Enjoy the star studded night skies. Catch a falling star. Hear the bird tweet for real! Hold a baby chicken or try out running Mac, our Mudhol hound. Plant a tree. Sow a seed or two. Harvest some and eat it! Hike the hills or relax on the Machaan and feel the cool breeze. Come to The Forest Farm for a trip down the memory lane. And to create new ones...

How to reach

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The Forest Farm is 115kms from Mumbai and 90 kms from Pune.


Is in good quality, water proof and well insulated tents specially ordered. The tents are plugged on plinths made specially for the purpose. The area around the tents is clean of any vegetation for safety. We have constructed a temporary overhead shed to protect the tents from excessive wind and rains.
5 Regular tents : capacity of 2 people; 2 Big Family tents  : Capacity of 7 people; 4 Family tents : Capacity 5 people.

Every tent has comfortable bedding, soft pillows and warm blankets. You can adjust the roof of the tent for an open sky view. Enjoy the treat of sleeping under the stars while you snuggle inside..  

Food and Drinks

All meals are cooked on earthen 'Chuls'. We have separate Chulhas for Vegetarian and non veg meals. We try to source food from nearby farms and markets or grow on our own.. Our simple yet nutritious meals with piping hot Bhakris are a must have for our guests. We are an alcohol free and get our high from being with nature!

Check-in Check-out

Flexible as per your itinerary

Toilet Facility

5 spacious wood panelled toilets cum bathrooms. 4 WC + 1 Indian toilet with Jets, toilet paper, washbasins and dustbins in each loo. Hot water can be provided on request. The washrooms are clean, ventilated and hygienic at all times.  


The Farm : We have not cut any wild trees and have in fact planted more! Enjoy seasonal fruits like Peru, jambhul, amla, karvanda, lemons, toran, bakuli etc on the farm. Explore trees of our forests at the farm. Mahua, Krishna Vad/Krishna Banyan tree, Rudraksha, Kaapur, Mangoes, Australian Teak, Bamboos etc are just a fraction of the trees that we have on the farm. We have planted crops and vegetables. You are always welcome to join us to plant and harvest and be farmer for a day or two!
Campfire : Spend much required quality time with your friends, family or even yourself by the campfire with hot Masala chai overlooking the majestic hills of Maval!
Stream : Monsoon / seasonal stream that flows along the border of the farm where you can dunk yourself.
River : The Kundalika river flows nearby.
Farm Animals : A cow, A baby Ox, our three guard dogs who are guest friendly, Guinea fowls, hens!

Nearby Places to visit

The Kondeshwar temple is perched on the edge of the Sahyadri range. It overlooks the Karjat valley. This is an ancient Shiva temple and is the centre of festivities for surrounding villages. The waterfall that flows on the side of the temple is a site to see and enjoy in the monsoons.
Approximately 2 Kms from the farm and a 10 minute drive.

Activities (Optional on request)

Explore the forest or join for a walk in the nearby hills.The Forest Farm is nestled in the verdant hills ranges of The Sahyadri. We have identified nature trails for our guests that are accessible throughout the year. You can enjoy easy, medium to difficult treks in the hills around the farm.

Guests can enjoy outdoor games (Football, Volleyball, skipping, etc) , indoor games - The 'bhavra',board games or simply laze around with some books in the hammocks and 'khats' at the farm.

The atmosphere – We are a agro camp site. Our is hospitality with personal touch. You can just day dream watching the clouds our rough it out on treks in the nearby hills. We would love to take you on a farm tour to show how we harvest water, set up the solar lights, do dry land farming etc. This is a place where you can relax and just be. There is a something for everybody from little kids to grown ups and even senior citizens be it the food, activities or even the place itself. The biggest compliment that we had received was " The forest farm feels like a home away from home!".

Dogs – We do have our own guard dogs. You can get along yours too. You will have to keep it on leash at all times and the dogs cannot sleep in the tents. Do call us before so that we can speak in detail..

Cars – Cars can reach our campsite! There is no charge for parking. 

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