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Adventure Activities inculcate courage, patience, determination, leadership, confidence, team spirit and cultivate a love for the environment and respect for nature.


For children, the time is ripe to learn these skills because in tomorrow’s competitive environment, these will prove to be skills rudimentary to survival. And slowly, but surely, this idea is gaining acceptance in our country. Many prestigious schools have an ‘Outdoor Education Programme’ as part of their regular curriculum.


With this in mind we conduct the Adventure Camp for kids ( Age group 9 to 13 yrs )


At the Camp Site:

  • Trekking : The trek around the camp site orients the participants to the natural  surroundings.

  • Rock Climbing: This is where the basics of Rock climbing are taught to the children.

  • Rappelling : The child accounts his fear of height and is able to enjoy it too.

  • Rafting: Experience water as a mode of transport.

  • Assault Course: Learn to overcome obstacles in life with confidence.             

  • River Crossing: The thrill of being able to cross the river with the help of a rope without getting wet.

  • Orienteering: Understand the surroundings with maps and compass.

  • Treasure hun: A group activity where confidence and competence amongst team members is noticed.

  • Nature Study: Nature is considered to be the best teacher.

  • Star Gazing: Learn more about the mighty sky above us.

  • Rifle Shooting: Learn the Basics of Air Rifle shooting and Challenge James Bond!!

  • Archery : Aiming practice the Robin Hood Style.